Saturday, August 27, 2016

Transfers Transfers! (August 8, 2016)

Hola Fam! It's been such a crazy last week with transfers and stuff. I hope Cole had a rockin birthday! I hope you enjoyed the hat and shirt. That's a NorthCal exclusive. Haha and Dayne and the grandparents in Canada too. I'm a little jealous with the starting school and such. I miss it sometimes. But I hope all is going well with this first week.

Sooo transfers! I got a call on Friday from President. He asked me if I would go back to Santa Rosa in the Spanish Ward again! Oh how I love that Ward so much. Then he told me that I would be with Elder Atkinson with the assignment as Tech Elder for the mission. I was really surprised but happy too! I lived with Elder Atkinson as my ZL from January to June and we got pretty close. So as tech elders, we work very closely with the AP's and president on the different things he has for us to do. We're in the office either everyday or every other day doing work. Because our mission is so fully immersed in using technology to do missionary work, we will travel the mission doing trainings on how to use them wisely and for the purposes of the Lord. I called him yesterday and he said were pretty busy all of this week. I'm so excited for this transfer and to be back in Santa Rosa in the
Spanish Ward. I love the members and everyone and yas I'm so excited. You can now send things to the mission office and it'll be faster than the apartment. That address is:

5301 Badger Rd
Santa Rosa CA 95409
United States

Update from the week. We were not able to have the baptism with Maria. We passed by during the week like everyday and she just wasn't ready. She still didn't understand some key principles and really the repentance process in general. We postponed it until further notice. Hopefully, it will happen sooner than later. I had a very humbling experience this week with that. I was so set and determined to have that baptism that my mind didn't really want to change on it, even when she wasn't ready. I got many impressions after that that she wasn't ready and we needed to postpone the baptism. I prayed so many times to understand why and what the Lord would have me learn through
this. I learned that this work truly is not about us. It's when we do make it about us that it just doesn't work. I also learned that it's necessary for someone to be converted in the gospel before they're
baptized. It's important that we do stress baptism but also give time for the Holy Ghost to do his work. If the heart of the person is not ready, it's not going to happen. I was truly humbled by the inspiration and revelation from the Lord this week.
Other exciting things this last week, we got to play basketball with some guys on the street in exchange for a Book of Mormon, We visited a couple members in the hospital and gave the blessings, we met with an avid Bernie fan that almost got me a t-shirt, and we had zone conference and learned about the importance of getting the fundamentals. Fun fun! I love me some Vallejo!

I think that's all for this week. I'm excited for these new changes and all that's ahead. I'll keep you updated as we go on. I'm very appreciative of the support and love you give. Have a fantastic week.

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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