Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rosa Rosa! (August 17, 2016)

Hola Familia!

AP's & Tech Elders
Wow it feels like it's been a good long while since we've talked. I feel like so much has happened since last Monday so I'll try my best to recap and such. Sooo last Tuesday was transfer day. We got to Rosa and immediately we got busy. We had loads of stuff to do before the greenies arrived. We did so much in that small amount of time haha. They arrived and had their training and we were going to go to the mission home for dinner but because of the time crunch stayed at the church. It was a good time! The rest of the week was also crazy busy. We were in the office a bunch finishing up stuff that needed to get done for the first of the transfer. Basically, if president, or the assistants, or any of the senior couple office staff need help, it goes to us. It's lots of work but keeps us busy and on our toes. We work very closely with the APs, Elder Hensley and Elder Achal. My companion compared it to firemen and policemen. The firemen are the ones that usually take care of the majority of the work and the policemen take care of what the people see on the outside. We keep the mission running from a technical standpoint. To answer your questions mom, I love being back in Santa Rosa. It's refreshing to come to a familiar place with familiar faces. Elder Atkinson and I live alone, but in a pretty nice apartment close to the mission office. We're probably about 5-8.7 minutes away from the mission home. Elder Atkinson is driving this transfer. (We have a sweet car) He also has already been here for one transfer. We're always doing something tech wise, whether answering phone calls from missionaries or senior missionaries or in the office. We haven't gotten too much time to work in our area yet, but we should this next week.

Now onto the area. I LOVE BEING BACK IN THE WARD. It's so good to see all the members again. It hasn't been too long since I was there so most of the members remember me. Also, remember Jesus Chavez (Elder Castro and I found him last December and then I skyped into his
baptism last February!?) Well, we had such a nice reunion. He is doing super well. He has the Aaronic Priesthood (preparing to receive the Melchizedek). He is actually going to the temple for baptisms for the dead for the first time this weekend (and also preparing to go next February for his endowments. I would get to go to that). He's so cool. It's amazing to see how much he has changed since we first met and taught him last December.  In that short little time, his life has changed around. ¡Què increíble! It's so amazing how the Lord works in people's lives.

We also are walking into a baptism this upcoming weekend. They are the parents of a member that lives here. Their names are Francisco y Bartola. They're the cutest little old couple and we are looking forward to that! We've visited them almost everyday the past week and it's been nice to get to know them and help them on that process towards Baptism. We haven't had much other time to work in our area and meet too many other of our investigators but we will hop on that ASAP!

Our "Third" Companion
I think I hit most of the main points. Funny story though. Elder Atkinson and his previous compa, found this giant stuffed bear on the side of the road last transfer and picked him up and took him home. He now rides in the back seat of our car as our "third companion." It's funny cuz sometimes we stick his head and arms out the window and we'll be driving down the road and people just crack up because it's a giant bear head sticking out the window haha. It's good fun!

Temple was fantastic as usual. I'm grateful for the things I learn each time I go. What a blessing we have as members of the church to participate in such sacred ordinances. Amazing!

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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