Saturday, August 27, 2016

Agosto? (August 1, 2016)

The Zone
Halo! Happy P-day! It's good to hear y'all are back in the swing of things with school and such! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE NEXT SUNDAY! You're a teenager now what? How did that happen. And another three years and you'll be driving. And then two years after that will be your mission! Crazy stuff. Have a good day bud! Happy Anniversary TODAY to my wonderful Padres. I'm grateful for your love and support and examples you've shown to me. I am overwhelmed with love for the both of you and hope you have a fantastic day today! I'm very jealous of how often Elise gets to go to the temple too. It seems like every other letter haha. The Oakland temple will be closing for cleaning or renovations for a couple months starting in August. Speaking of August, it's hard to believe that it's already August! How did that happen? I swear it was just Christmas. Goodness me time moves too fast.

This week has been a good one! As you know, Maria has her baptismal date set for this weekend. As of right now, it's still happening! We had several lessons last week with her just reviewing and helping her out. We also fasted with her on Sunday for it! We have tremendous support from the members and we have faith that her baptism will pull through this week. I'm very grateful for the opportunity I've had to teach her! It's been amazing being able to find someone, teach them, and see them so close to baptism! I'm grateful for your prayers for her and ask to keep them going! I'll give ya an update on her next week.
We were able to see quite a few other people this week also. There's this one guy named Luis, who we've been trying to meet with since I got here. He's about my age. We invited him last week to start saying his prayers and promised him that if he would, he would see miracles. Well he did and saw some pretty cool miracles happen in his life, in only a week! I love the power of prayer and how the Lord blesses those who try! Luis thought it was pretty cool too and we're hoping to continue with him. The only problem is that he works a lot! We are keepin on though!

Cole wanted us to study La Paciencia this week! This is definitely a thing I've come to develop on my mission. With companions and members and investigators and really everything happening, you have to have patience. I love the scriptures in Alma 17:10-11 and Alma 26:27 that talk about those missionaries who may have felt a little disappointed, but that the Lord comforts those in need. It also talks about how he tells them to have patience in their afflictions. When we are going through hard times, sometimes we have to have patience and faith that it's happening for a reason. Those two principles are very closely related. If we have faith, patience comes easier. I love and can testify of these things and encourage you to evaluate what you can do better to be more patient. You will be blessed as you do!
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I guess also this week I do hit my 11 months. No biggie. Next one will be the year mark though! We also find out about transfers on Saturday and then they will be next Tuesday! I've been in Vallejo for a good while so I'm probably out, but you never know. I love you all and am grateful for the continued love and support. Until next week!

Con Amor,

Elder Joyner

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