Saturday, August 27, 2016

BAUTISMO (August 22, 2016)

Hello Hello!

It seems like we just talked, but it's another P-Day! Not too much has happened since then it seems. I love hearing updates from y'all and everything. Dayne, a senior couple just came in from Alberta, CA. They said they went to Cardston at the end of July and saw all three of your shows and I showed them your picture and they were like, "Yup that guy was super funny and jumping all around the place." They said they go down every year to see the shows every year and that even one year their son played "The Foreigner" in that show. So basically, you're famous. Hey Cole, how'd ya like a taste of that missionary life, huh?! :) Què fun, amiright?

So we had the baptism yesterday of Francisco and Bartola! Crazy story time. We get to the church pretty early to fill up the font and we start filling it up for probably an hour when we realize that it's
only filled up about half a foot. Come to realize, there was a problem with the plug. We were panicking and didn't know what to do because the baptism was in an hour and a half. We Jerry-rigged the plug with a trash bag and a weight we found in the gym and started filling it up. We get down until 45 minutes until the baptism and it's not nearly as full as it should be so we rush to the kitchen and start filling up everything we can find with water (i.e. Trash cans, pitchers, big buckets) and start hauling them to the font. We did this for probably 30 minutes and got it to where it would be ok. Everything after that went pretty smoothly but it was just a stressful situation trying to get it filled. We were so happy for them and the decision they made to fulfill this commandment. The sad thing is they are returning to Mexico within the next month so we won't get to keep seeing them.

This next Friday we have MLC (leadership council) and Elder Atkinson, the AP's and I have come up with a pretty good way to present the tech elders part. I'll forward it on to y'all next week cuz it's pretty good. So a majority of this week, will be spent in preparation for that.

In response to your questions mom, So do you go to the mission office every day?  Depending on what we have, yes. Or every other day. Do you have techie stuff to do on a daily basis?  We usually get one or two calls (minimum) from missionaries around the mission answering questions and giving support and stuff. Who all is in the mission office?  The Marshall's, the Larsons, and sometimes the Heggie's (the new Canada people) Who is the senior couple and where are they from?
Same as last Have you worked with the Samsung tablets yet?  I think I forgot to tell y'all, but I actually get to have one as a tech elder. They're just lending it to me, but I'll have it while I'm here. How do they compare with the iPads?  They both have their advantages. I tend to use the iPad more, cuz all my stuff is on there. Do missionaries get to choose which one they get or is the mission switching over all together? So our mission is actually a test mission for the Samsung tablets. All new missionaries are receiving Samsung's, not iPads. The church is using the Samsung's because they can restrict them easier.

Elder Atkinson and I got to run to napa this week, for a tech errand, and got to stop by and see the Hamiltons and visit with them for a little bit. That was kinda fun! I can't think of anything else that
happened this week, since Wednesday.

Have a semana llenado con muchas bendiciones! Les quiero mucho y deseo lo mejor para cada uno de ustedes! Hasta la próxima vez!

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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