Monday, April 4, 2016

LDSconf/Transfers (Apr 4, 2016)

Hola Mi familia!! It's so good this week to hear from you all again. This has been a great last week of the transfer! I'm super jealous of mom, dad, and Cole at Myrtle Beach! Ahhhh lucky lucky. And Dayne getting to go to conference. AHHH wow what fun! And thank ya mom and dad and Cole for the birthday package too. ¿Què fun, amiright? So we found out about transfers on Saturday night and I am being transferred to VALLEJO. It's only 30 minutes south of Napa though, so not too big of a move. I'll still be in the same Stake and we will travel up to Napa for zone conferences and such. My new companion is Elder Beeston. I've met him before and he's like the nicest guy ever! I've heard such good things about him and how he wants to be obedient and work hard. I'm super excited to have a companion that wants to follow the rules exactly and work hard. It should be a great transfer! Also Elder Scow and Elder King (my past two comps) were in that area so I know the address already. It's:

155 Kathy Ellen Dr
Vallejo, CA 94591

On Tuesday, we had a lesson with Samuel and his daughters and sat them down and established our purpose with them. We told them that we loved our visits but that if they didn't start keeping commitments, then we would have to stop our visits. We asked them what they had learned from us visiting them and to our surprise it was quite a bit. They were able to tell us the restoration basically. It was super cool, because we felt like we had done something right and that they actually learned something. I'm sad to leave them but if they get baptized next transfer I'll be able to come up for it. We also had a lesson with our other progressing investigator, Mayra. She has been kind of putting off this lesson with us for a couple weeks but it was good to finally meet with her. We were able to get Presidente Rico out to the lesson with us. We taught her the restoration and she was very open. She has expressed to us how she is looking for a church and faith right now. Haha she's even expressed to us that she wants to be a missionary some day too. That's super coolio! Our other lessons were just street lessons or random contacts so not too much to report back on that.

Service wise, we did food bank, Salvation Army, and we built a garden for Sis Hamilton's grandfather. This week we also made dinner for the Hamiltons. We had been thinking of ways we could say thank you to them for this transfer (because they really took care of us this transfer). We got Presidente Rico in on it and he took the family out on a bike ride, while we went in and finished up making dinner and cleaned their house. It was a fun little surprise that I think they really enjoyed! Plus I made some kickin BBQ sandwiches.

So uhhh General Conference. What. That was so amazing. Oh My Heck. I don't know if it's just because I was watching it as a missionary or what, but I got so much out of it and received answers to all the questions I had. I especially loved how amazing priesthood session was. President Uchtdorf was super funny with the "perfect woman" and "chewbacca" quote hahaha! President Monson is getting pretty old though and it was sad to see him struggle again this conference. I feel as though families and marriages and the role of parents was really focused on. Also, the importance of keeping the commandments, repentance, and God loves each one of us individually were big ones too. I'd love to hear any thoughts or comments on the great insight we received!

I also read Enos like dad challenged me to do and thoroughly enjoyed the revelation I received from that. I don't have anything specific I wanna share from that, other than when we truly have that hunger to be repentant, God will bless us and will forgive our sins. I'm grateful to have a savior that paid for sins so that we can be clean.

I'm excited to start this new transfer with Elder Beeston. Wednesday will be a fun birthday in a new area! Whoop whoop. Just another year I guess. Love y'all! Have the most fantastic week, and for those on spring break, ENJOY IT FOR ME PLS. ok thx. Mucho amor a todos! Hasta la próxima semana!

Con Amor

Elder Alex Joyner

Gravesite of Gov. Lilburn W. Boggs

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