Thursday, April 21, 2016

Birthday in Vallejo! (Apr 11, 2016)

Famila. Wow what a great week it has been! It sounds like Mom, Dad, and Cole had a BLAST at Myrtle Beach! Ugh I'm super jealous! But DAS ok. Dayne, I could see you as Mr. Banks :) What songs does he sing? You'll have to forward me the cast list asap. Elise! Usted es una misionera ejemplar y miro para arriba a usted todos los días. Te amo mucho Hermana!
Zebra Cake

Zone Birthday Party
What love I felt from all of you this last week, for my birthday! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love! I may not be able to respond to every email or message I received, but thank you so much!
Wednesday, was just another normal day! The Zone did have a surprise for me though. Elder Beeston and I were told that dinner would be early and at the church, so we showed up and the zone was there with balloons and a cake and all. It was really fun! Then at night we had Zebra Cake. It was kind of a struggle cake because all the cookies were broken but I tried to piece it together. All in all it was fun!
Happiest of Birthdays to dad this week! Much love! Enjoy your 28th birthday ;)


So this week has been great! Elder Beeston is a really good guy who loves to work! It's been a blast! He's from Syracuse, Utah and actually his Brother served in HERMOSILLO too. He got back about two years ago too. Dayne I wonder if you know him?!?! We've been curious hmm. We live with the ZL's again. They are Elder Atkinson (I lived with and served around him my first transfer in napa) and Elder Lazaro. Elder Lazaro is from Madrid, Spain. He's been helping me with my Spanish and I've started to kind of pick up his lisp haha. It's all good fun!

Elder Joyner & Elder Beeston

We had a couple of cool experiences this week. The first being this. We were visiting some less active members on Wednesday, just getting to know them and such, when we felt inspired to ask their friend who was working outside to come in and visit with us. She agreed and came in. We got talking and she told us that she has been having trouble with her spouse and that she wanted to find Jesus and something that would benefit her life. She didn't have too much time, so we said a prayer with her and then set up an appointment for the next day! So we stopped by the next day and taught her the restoration. The lesson seemed to get off topic very easily, because she has a lot of questions, but once we were able to get to the first vision, the spirit focused in the lesson. We finally talked about that because we know the restoration happened, we know we can be forgiven of our sins and be baptized by the true authority of God. She immediately said, "oh ya I want to be baptized," haha without us even asking her. It was kinda cool! We tried to set a specific date but she wanted to think about a day first. We invited her to pray about Joseph smith, that night, also and she immediately was like, "well could I do it right now?" We said most definitely and she did and received an answer that he was. It was super cool and we will be meeting with her again this week! This was a really amazing experience that strengthen my testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives.

Another cool experience was yesterday. We were at the church putting in our weekly numbers and this lady knocks on the door and says she came to the chapel to find out when church services are. She is from the Ukraine and is here on an exchange program and is looking for somewhere to go while she is here. We were actually able to share the video "Because of Him" video in UKRAINIAN! We were them able to discuss it in the little broken English that she had. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time and God prepared this lady to come and talk to us! Our Heavenly Father is amazing and preparing those who are ready!

I just wanted to share a quick talk I re-found this past week. It's by Jeffery R. Holland and really emphasizes why the Book of Mormon is important. I absolutely love it!

Hope this is a magical week for all! Enjoy it! You only get one chance to do this week, do it right!

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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