Monday, March 28, 2016


HEY HEY HEY I hope everyone had the most fantastic of Easters! I'm super sorry, Cole, that you had to do the egg hunt inside. That's no fun! It's was surely different this year but still super fantastic.

Thanks mom and pop and Cole for the Easter package, btw. My companion has been going crazy with the little wind up bunny that bounces. I'll be in personal study and hear this clicking noise and I turn and its him playing with the toy bunny hahaha. He and I are so very appreciative of everything, so thank you! We had an exciting/busy week. So every year the Wagners (in laws of Presidente Hamilton) have a huge Easter egg hunt at their giant house here. They've been doing it for 25 years almost! Their house is like this mountain on the side of a hill here in Napa and its amazing! Then after that there was a baptism for the sisters who are in Sonoma, and then we had a blitz for the Napa second Ward missionaries. We ate at a Thai place on Saturday night, with a member, and then later that night the Hamiltons invited us over to dye eggs and help them fill eggs for their Easter egg hunt
the next morning. Easter Day, it was fast Sunday, so we had fast and testimony meeting. It was the smallest attendance I've ever seen at a sacrament meeting too. There were 5 members there and 4 investigators (none of which were ours). I've notice that has been one of the biggest struggles on the mission, getting people to church. We've tried everything we can, but for some reason they just don't come. We keep fasting for it too, but it will happen eventually so. The rest of the day was a normal Sunday, but it was great! It was such a great weekend to able to remember our savior and his sacrifice that he made for us. I'm forever and eternally grateful that he performed the atonement for us! We have great reason to rejoice and be happy. It's really incredible! That's why I'm here. Jesus Christ has changed my life and I will never go back.

Today, we were able to go golf again today at the Silverado Golf Course! It was once again super super fun! I'll forward on some pictures from that also!

The rest of the week was kind of slow. Elder Scow and I had to go the chiropractor this past week (yes dad I know the malice of the good ole chiropractors ;) for elder scow's knee. This was actually the second time we've had to go, and we're going back this Wednesday. The Bishop in Sonoma does it free for missionaries, so Elder Scow is getting treatments.

OH!!! For district meeting, Elder Scow and I did an Easter egg hunt with our district. We said the eggs were the investigators and that Elder Scow and I, were the members. The district members had to work with the members to get clues as to where the eggs were. They had to teach us a principle that applied to our life and our conversion and then we would give the "reference." It turned out really fun and such a good time!

This week also, we did loads of service! We probably did 4-6 hours of service on Wednesday and then 6ish hojas [hours] on Thursday cleaning someone's yard. We all got a little red, but it's worn off by now.

I think that's about it for me this week. We find out about transfers the end of this week and I'm hoping to stay one more in Napa! Also, CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND! I'm super excited to be able to listen to our prophets and apostles and leaders of the church! It's such an exciting time, even amidst all the turmoil and strife in the world, General Conference brings such a thrill! I love you all and love hearing about your lives! I'd also love to hear about any experiences you've had on your missions and such! (Like Mom or Dad or Dayne or Elise or grandparents or anyone) have a fantastic week and such a good General Conference! I love you! Stay safe.

Elder Alex Joyner

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