Monday, March 21, 2016

#Alelyua (again bc Pascua [Easter]) (Mar 21, 2016)

Happy P-Day all! What another great week it has been! I love hearing about your days and what keeps y'all entertained and happy! It's really felt like summer/spring this past week because of the time change. We had our interviews with President this past week, which was fun! It's always a good time to see him and Sister Wright. Oh also, mom, she was able to sew up my pants so now I have pants to wear YAYA! Oh I really appreciate the grocery box from Amazon. That was a surprise haha! 

We were only able to have on lesson with Samuel and his family this week, but it was nonetheless great! We shared the new Easter video and started talking about the plan of Salvation and how their family can live together forever. They really liked that. We were going to have another lesson with them, but they weren't there when we had tried to pass by on Friday.

Throughout the week, we have many opportunities to do service. Elder Scow and I have been doing Salvation Army, where we serve lunch to the homeless, this past transfer like once or twice a week. This last Friday, we had the opportunity to serve food at a Presbyterian Church. The program is called "The Table," where different churches in the area take charge of it once every month. Anyone who doesn't have food or wants a free meal can come in and we serve them. The English Ward was in charge this past Friday and needed some help so we helped out! We worked with Darren and Kelsey Walkenhaurst (Elder Walkenhaurst) and whilst we were working, he gave us a pretty good inside scoop on the District and all the drama that went down. It was pretty entertaining!

We've had lots of fun incorporating the Easter Initiative video into our Work. We've found joy sharing about the love that our Savior has for each one of us. I've started this thing, where each day leading up to Easter, I take some time to study what Christ did on those days. We've done this before in seminary, but it's different doing it in your own. I find it a great opportunity to study about our Savior. He did (and continues to do) so much more than we ever could imagine. Just like it says in the video, I know that I have found new life in Jesus Christ. Some may wonder, what is the need for a new life? I think this is speaking in terms more of that Jesus Christ can take our life and make it into something more than we could have ever dreamed. Something amazing. Something NEW even! It's incredible to know that I will always have someone there with open arms to take me when I'm most weak. Being a representative of Him has made me realize how much more of an importance he has (or should have) in our lives.

Since I totally forgot last week about the scripture, I hope that paragraph works hahaha. I once again encourage all to watch it and ponder it's message. You can find it here at:

I hope Easter Sunday is an enjoyable time to be with Family and loved ones to celebrate that HE IS RISEN.

I love you each dearly. Have the most spectacular week!  Till next time.


Elder Alexander Scott Joyner

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