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#Aleluya (Mar 14, 2016)

Found Georgia in California
WOWIEWOW We are half way through March! That's some crazy sauce if I ever saw some. I'm glad Cole and Dad had a party on his 12 year old trip! Good job keeping that Ghost tour alive! COLE send me some more details and pictures and such! Happy Birthday to Papa this week! Wishing I could be there to celebrate with ya, as always! I love you! I'm glad to hear Grandaddy is doing well after the little emergency room stint. Glad Bro Dunford was there to take care of ya! Hahahaha that was a funny story you told, Dad, about the water and pipes thing! Oh Mommmm. Dayne sounds like he is getting a little summer trunky! Cmon buddy. Stick it out jajajaja. Elise y sus gatos? ¡Eso es loco!

This week was kind of just a normalish week. I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Matthews in the Napa 1st (English Ward) area. That was fun! I have come to realize though that I wasn't made to be an English missionary. Haha some people can, but not I. I had also gotten super pumped to go and eat 'white people' food for the first time in a while. So we showed up for dinner, and guess what this lady had prepared....... TACO SOUP. Hahaha don't get me wrong it was super good, but like even when I go to the English areas, I still get Mexican food. Oh Joy!

Lesson wise, it was a slower week for us. We were able to have success with Samuel Y Yokavet! (They're the Dad and Daughter that have baptismal dates for the 26th) We had a good lesson with them Wednesday and watched the 20 min Restoration movie, which really helped clear up a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon. Samuel's other two daughters also sat in on that lesson and so now we're teaching that whole family. (The ages of the girls are Yokavet-16, Jasmine-12, and
Martha-8, and then Samuel) After the restoration lesson we had, we asked them if they had any questions about anything and Samuel asked a super random question if we believed in witchcraft. It was like out of the blue too! Then the girls started sharing these kind of creepy experiences about stuff that used to happen in their old house and whoooo it was weird. We told them we could leave a house blessing later that week if they wanted. So we did, on Friday. The girls especially said they felt an immediate overwhelming peace come over them. It was super cool! And it was the first house blessing in Spanish that I've given. We're not sure if they're gonna meet their date for baptism on the 26th, but the girls, at least, really want to be baptized! It's super coolio.

Napa Squad
OH cool tidbit, we didn't have dinner on Friday and so we made Homemade Pizzas :) It was pretty fresh. A member had given us a recipe for Dough and I whipped out my pizza making skills from my Your Pie days and we had a pretty good dinner! We were pretty proud of ourselves for that!

THE #ALELUYA (#Hallelujah) came out yesterday! It's super de duper and goes along really well with the Christmas video! But I'll talk more of that below...

Alma 37: 38-44 (I won't paste it into here because it's a slick titch long)

This scripture is really cool and straightforward. (haha like most :) I really like the part where it basically says, because their Fathers had faith to work the Liahona, it worked. Of course they had to act on their Faith (because faith without works is dead) but it was still that simple; that they had faith and it worked. I feel as though I talk to different people throughout the day, I see many who don't have faith. They don't have faith that today is going to be a good day or that God is going to bless them in their lives. It's sad to see such a simple principle and practice be put to waste. I think that's why it is one of the first things we teach as missionaries. You have to have faith in Jesus Christ and that He is your Savior and Redeemer! Which leads me into this new Easter video that came out........ DON'T SKIP OVER THIS PART OF THE EMAIL. STOP WHAT YOURE DOING AND WATCH THIS.

Since being on my mission, I can testify that I have found New Life, through Jesus Christ. I know you can too. Like us as missionaries do, we invite people to keep commitments and promise them blessings. This video does the same. It invites YOU to 'Follow Him' and the promised blessing is that you will 'find new life.' Què increíble, no? I can testify that as you do this, you will find new life through Him.

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

California Rain

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