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Half Way (Sept. 22, 2015)

¡Hola! It's been quite a week. Some ups and downs pero esta bien. THANKS AUNT JULIE FOR THE TREATS! I definitely needed a change up of food choice because cafeteria food is getting pretty old. ALSO THANK YOU MOM, DAD, AND COLE FOR THE PACKAGE AND CINNAMON ROLLS. I got them on one of my toughest days here so far. My lessons just weren't going well that day and I was stressed, so it was a very nice surprise to cheer me up a titch.

WHOOP WHOOP I saw Dayne for a brief moment last Wednesday! On Wednesdays, we teach member volunteers and Dayne volunteered. I didn't get to teach him but the "intermediate" district in my zone did. Then at the end we were discussing as a group our improvements and Dwayne walked by to leave and gave me a high five. No Hug tho 😕😑 Its whatevs tho. See ya in 2! JK jajajajajaja

So this week a super neat-o thing happened on Sunday. Our devotional was lead by Lloyd Newell, the voice of The Music and the Spoken Word. Our devotional was entitled: MTC and the Spoken Word. It was basically the same as the real thing they do in the conference center but with the MTC choir. It was sick! We sang High on a Mountain Top, How Firm a Foundation, Redeemer of Israel, Let Us All Press On, and We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet. His voice is liquid gold. I imagine when we get to heaven, his voice will greet us! Oh Joy!

Alex & Bro. Galvez (?)
One day I was sitting in class and I looked over and saw a familiar face. He was a missionary that served in our Stake a couple years ago that was now teaching at the MTC. I don't remember his name but I got a picture with him!!

This week we continued to teach XX (just learned the internet rules on missionary blogs - will leave out investigator names going forward - Alex's Dad). She is a tough one who doesn't trust God enough to pray. Yesterday, she broke down after like talking to her for like two minutes. She is having family problems and I testified that the power of prayer would help her. She is going to read Alma 32 and hopefully pray about it!!! I know that prayer is one of the best communications we have directly to God. It's an incredible thing. We need to utilize it daily. I know since I've been at the CCM, my testimony of prayer has grown immensely. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to talk with my Heavenly Father daily.

So in class this week, Hermano Horsely (Caballomente) shared a story with us that I'd like to share with y'all. It goes something like this:

A woman was once with her Dentist and the woman exclaimed something like, "Thank God." The dentist said, "Wait, you believe God is real?" The woman replied, "Yes." The Dentist then said, "How could you believe in God or His grace when there's so much bad in the world? There's so many people who suffer daily. There's no way there could be a God." To that, the woman replied, "Are Dentists real? Even with all the toothless people in the world and all those who suffer from cavities and diseases daily. As a Dentist, you don't seek out patients to. Patients seek and come unto you for help. This is the same with God. If we don't seek him out and come unto Him, how do we expect to
be blessed by him?" The Dentist then stood there speechless.

This is very true. If we don't seek out God, how are we expected to receive his numerous blessings? Yes he is a gracious God who blessed us daily regardless of our weakness, yet there is still so many more we could seek out.

We also watched another video devotional on Sunday by Elder Bednar called "Recognizing the Spirit." I feel impressed to share some of my notes from that. Just some things that I was impressed to write down.
* How to know if Holy Ghost or just me? Quit worrying about it. Keep on with faith
* The overall impressions from the spirit come from obeying and being a "good boy"
* Press forward, get going do not sit still
* Don't sit and wait for a dramatic message to come down from heaven
* He increasingly trusts us to do what we must do
* Get to work. Quit worrying about it.
* D&C 80 "4 Therefore, declare the things which ye have heard, and verily believe, and know to be true. 5 Behold, this is the will of him who hath called you, your Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

I encourage all to read and ponder these different messages.

Sunday also had the opportunity to sing a song in church. I sang a song called "My Soul Hungered." (will attempt to insert video - will only have sound) I'll try and forward the recording I have. I auditioned it to sing during the devotionals and got it. I'm
not sure which one I'll sing at yet but that should be fun. Also, I finally was able to practice with Sister Bills (lol she says hi Dwayne) and were auditioning that song this week. SO THATS GUCCI.

Funny story. So we came back to our room one night and our door was covered in sticky notes. There was one in particular that said "Don't Mess With France." We were so confused but it was a good laugh anyway.  Just thought I'd share that fun tidbit😋 

I will also forward on some more pictures from this week. I have not had the chance to get one in front of the big map yet though. I will also forward a pic of my x-Ray from a couple weeks ago. THANKS GRANDMA AND PAPA AND HOLLY for those calcium pills. I can feel them working!!!
Spiral Fracture of 5th Metacarpal

I think that's about for this week. Thanks for all the love and support!! I can definitely feel it daily. Much love to all. 2 1/2 weeks till CALI

¡Yo se que vive mi senor!

Te Amo,

Elder Joyner

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