Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Week (Sep 8th)


WOWIE! What a week! (almost) I'm absolutley loving it here at the MTC! It took a little while to get used to it but es muy bueno ahora! So last Wednesday after I was dropped off, I was able to drop my stuff off and then we went straight to clase de espanol. We started right off learning. Then we had dinner and a "new missionary meeting." We sang Called to Serve and wow. That was a special experience! Later that night, we had a tour of the campus and came back and unpacked. My companion is Elder Rodriguez. He is from Lancaster, Penn. (I'll put more info about my district at the bottom). Thursday was class and meeting with the branch Presidency. Our president is Pres Hanson. They are really coolio and stuff. Such a powerful spirit. ALSO, I am the district leader of our district. So that was kinda crazy. Friday, we had more class and taught our first investigator. So they bring in investigators (sometimes fake, sometimes not) for us to practice teaching. We taught Carlos. In espanol. That's crazy sauce. My first lesson went ehh and it kinda stressed me out. My class is a beginner's class, mixed in with intermediates (me and a couple others). It's muy crazy sauce. Friday, after teaching Carlos, my companion wasn't feeling well and had chest pains. So we went to the doctor here at the MTC, and then he we had to leave campus to actually get an x-ray on his chest. He was having pains and such. It turned out to just be like anxiety or something. So he's all good. We spent at least 5 hours at the doctors' offices Friday. That night was our first gym time and I kinda hurt my hand playing basketball. It's not broken, they don't think. They just buddy wrapped it and hoped for the best lol. Saturday was class all day so that was kinda long. We were able to teach Carlos again Saturday, and that lesson went way better. 

SUNDAY WAS THE BEST. Since I'm district leader, I had to go meetings and such. Then we had a mission conference by the Presidency. Our mission president is President Burgess. Him and his wife are really cool. We then had district meetings and testimony meetings. Those were really crazy spiritual. I LOVED IT! We had a temple walk around the Provo temple and the weather is perfect here. Sometimes chilly in the mornings but it always turns out great. That night we had a devotional by the Provo Temple Presidency. That night we had a video devotional and I saw the best talk I have ever seen. It was called Character of Christ by Elder Bednar. It's life changing. It was given in the MTC a couple years ago on Christmas morning. I wish I could share my notes on it with you but cpu time is limited so I'll share another time. 

Yesterday, we were able to teach Carlos again and I had a really cool experience. I was reading a lesson that I had written out because I was nervous about my Spanish. I got a prompting to stop and ask him about his family so I did. He said his mom was sick and he was worried. I made a promise to him that if he would read the Book of Mormon, that his mom would be okay. It was powerful. Spanish came to me in that moment. I definitely felt the spirit and was teaching through the Holy Ghost. It was crazy. We teach him again Wednesday and Thursday. 

This morning was the temple. 7:00 SESSION! So very early. Tonight is another devotional and such. 

So ya know how I wasn't supposed to get an iPad until Cali? Well our MTC Zone is a pilot zone for iPad's in the MTC. SO I GET ONE THURSDAY. We'll receive training on it and such. No pictures this week because I'd have to buy a SD  card converter at the store and it's just easier to send them via iPad. So next week!!!

I saw Elder Rom and Elder Giddens this week!!!! Elder Rom is gone now and Elder Giddens will be here for a while. I also saw Elder Rosenburg a couple times and Sister Derzon once or twice. I saw Sis Beals the first day and like everyday since. Sis Beals and I may be doing a musical number together possibly :)

I'm very happy and feel the spirit everyday. It's a sacred place and I'm learning lots. It's already turning out to be one of the hardest things I've ever done but also the most rewarding. I love you all and miss you dearly!!! Have a great week!!!!!

Te Amo,
Elder Joyner

Questions from mom:
  • What day is your P-day? Tuesdays yes
  • What will you be doing on your pdays? Temple, laundry, devotionals
  • What is your daily schedule like? lol mostly class or teaching, then gym at night. 
  • Are you feeling better?  Are you able to eat? yes. it's cafeteria food but yes. 
  • What is the best MTC meal so far? CORDON BLEU
  • How many are in your district? see below
  • How many are sisters? 3
  • Where is everybody going? see below
  • Who are your teachers?  Where did they serve? Hermana Doblin, goes to BYU and served in El Salvador
  • Have you received your dearelder.com letters from mom this past week? yes i have thanks!

My District (all Spanish speaking)
E Rodriguez- from Penn, staying in Provo
E Bjorling- From Palmyra, Ny, staying in Provo
E Randall- From SLC, Utah, going to Arcadia, Cali
E Nixon & E Funk- from West Jordan, going to NYC, NY south
Hermana Glenn- from Orem, going to Arcadia, Cali
Hermana Killian- from Riverton, going to San Jose, Cali
H Kind- from Saint Louis, staying in Provo

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