Saturday, May 6, 2017

"What's that? The Young Women's theme?!" (April 24, 2017)

Hey y'all! Happy PDay! It's been a pretty good first week of the transfer! It was good to hear those recordings of Cole and Dayne! What legends! Elise, I'm still waiting on yours! :) 

It's been quite a week. We started off the week getting apartments ready for the new missionaries coming into our zone. We're excited to be able to work with our new  missionaries here. We've gotten a lot of changes and it should be good! We also had a super good MLC on Thursday. Usually in MLC, they teach on subjects which we then bring back to the zone for a Zone Meeting. It was just recently announced that we will not be having Zone meetings anymore, just Zone Conferences, to cut down on missionaries traveling and to have more time proselyting. So MLC was focused a lot on us and what we can do to help missionaries in specific situations. It was bomb! 

This week we were able to have a good lesson with one of our investigators, Ivan, and set a baptismal date with him. We hadn't been able to meet with him for the longest time due to his work, but we were able to see him twice this last week. He left his wife and kids in Mexico to come to the US to make some money and then he'll go back in a couple years, so he says. He's a pretty humble guy and definitely ready to make some changes in his life. We set his date for the 13th of May, so it should be good! He actually lives in the same house as Israel, the guy who gave us the referral for Jesus Chavez. We haven't been able to meet with him but are still trying!

Elder Angulo and I set some goals this week for the transfer. After the section in MLC on goals, we felt impressed that we could step up our goal setting. After prayer and pondering, we decided that we are going to get 5 baptisms this transfer, which means 10 new baptismal dates, 8 new investigators at church, and last but not least we want to find 50 new investigators. Now you may be saying, Elder Joyner, 50? That's a pretty lofty goal. Lets just say I'm going to work harder than I ever have this transfer! That's a promise. Also, we decided as leaders of the zone, that with us and the STL's, we are going to get 1000 contacts! We started counting our contacts on Friday and are off to a good start. To achieve this will literally force us to talk to everyone, so it should be good! I'm really excited to be able to push myself and put every last energy into this work. It's time to really be ALL in!

Well, that's about all I gots for this week. I love y'all and appreciate your letters and support. The work will keep on! Till the next time!

Con Amor, 
Elder Joyner

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