Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ZC Busy!! (October 10, 2016)

Elder Crowley and the van
We've had a super busy week this week. We were gone the majority of it in zone conferences and all, on Tuesday in Fairfield, Wednesday in Woodland, and Thursday in Petaluma! Tuesday was Elder Achal's birthday so we ate his birthday dinner in Fairfield and then stayed overnight in Woodland so we didn't have to drive early in the morning. We came back to Rosa Wednesday night to make it to a lesson or two and then to Petaluma Thursday morning. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the only times we had in our area. We were able to see a couple of people. Did I ever talk about Mario and Mina when I was here last year? They were in the sister's area but we helped teach them and they got baptized after I left, but kinda went less active. We've been visiting them every Thursday night and trying to get them back to church. Saturday, we helped Ed and Aura move houses into our area, which is super exciting! We will start teaching them this upcoming week. Haha on Sunday, elder Crowley got pulled in to play piano for the primary who is practicing for their program. We spent all of Sunday school and third hour helping the primary with their music lol. It's was a funny little time! Tomorrow, we have a conference in Eureka which is super north so we are leaving at 4:30ish/5 today to go stay up there tonight. Then we'll come down to Ukiah tomorrow night for their conference on Thursday. Finally, we finish off in Napa on Thursday. We scored a dinner with the Hamiltons on Thursday night, so that should be super fun! I'm super grateful to be where I am right now and for what I'm doing. Don't have too much time today, but I'll write more next week. Thank you for your love and support. Stay suave, mis queridos hermanos! Les quiero muchísimo! 

Con Amor
Elder Joyner

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