Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Big 1 2/Paradaisical Moment/"Mom, I bought some cds from a random guy with a beard." (October 17, 2016)

Hey hey family! It's been a quick minute since I've written y'all. Sorry if I've haven't been writing as well as in weeks past, but I'm back now that Zone Conferences are done! It sounds like y'all have been in the midst of activities and school and such. Dwayne, I throughly enjoy your purple wig. It really fits you ;) 

This week was crazy busy. We left to Eureka (4 1/2 hours away) on Monday night last week in the big mission transit. I ended up driving the whole way lol. It was fun but that thing is a bus! We got there and stayed with the Zone Leaders and then went to the chapel the next morning. The most farthest point of the mission is crescent city and we were about 45 minutes south of there. We had dinner with a family that Elder Achal knew up there and then went down to Ukiah Tuesday night and stayed the night there. We had Zone Conference there Wednesday and then came back to Santa Rosa that night. Thursday morning, we headed to Napa for the Napa/Vallejo Zone Conference. It was our last one and we were super tired from everything by that time. Hahaha so we were able to have dinner with Presidente Rico (Hamilton) in Napa that night and then booked it back for a couple lessons and such. I loved visiting the mission and seeing some old friends! And we were lucky being in the transit because we weren't limited on miles and such, which was nice :) 

We were also able to have some good lessons this week, first with aura and ed! His is the first lesson we've had since they moved to our area. Aura basically made a list of what her problems or dudas were and listed them off for us in that lesson. It really helped us identify what we need to focus on with her, but we're concerned about her desire because it's not 100% there. We're working with her specifically on recognizing the Holy Ghost and had another good lesson with her Saturday about that. She could really use prayers right now too! It was actually her birthday yesterday so we made her a cake and took it over! She's the best! 

We actually picked up a new investigator named Lisette! She lives in the house of a member and we started visiting her at the end of last week and she's super solid. She's having a baby pretty soon and we think it's hitting her pretty hard. She kept her commitment from the first lesson. And we asked her to be baptized in the last and she said YES! We're gonna set date for her next lesson and are really excited for her!

We have MLC this Friday and will be pretty busy preparing for that this week. Transfers are next week too! We've been crazy busy this transfer and it's flown by! It's crazy in like two weeks is November! 

I love and appreciate y'all and am grateful for your support. Keep truckin on. Don't take a day for granted. 

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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