Monday, June 6, 2016

Wow. It's hot. (June 6, 2016)

Hola Familia! It's been a great week this week! I loved hearing about all the fun at the family reunion this past weekend. Haha us grandkids wish we could've been there to have fun too, but we'll make it to the next one :) Mom and Cole, keep on having fun out there and Dad good luck with work/bishop stuff this week!

This week kinda flew by with lots of activities and such going on. We had zone meeting on Tuesday and that's great as always! We talked a lot about being united and being one and did a fun little activity where we were seated back to back with our companions and had to explain a complicated picture for the other one to draw. Just fun little stuff like that! President also invited the mission to have a car fast for one day last week. For Elder Brock and I, we don't tend to use the car that much anyways. We will park it and walk around and then when we feel we're good, we'll hop in and change areas and then walk again. BUT this last Thursday we couldn't use our cars at all until after dinner! This was fun, especially since we don't live in our area. We live probably about 3 miles from our area. We kind of walked all over Vallejo that day haha! We had lessons on the opposite sides of town. By the end of it, we probably walked about 15-20 miles in some pretty intense heat too. It felt good and we definitely talked to lots of people! (Oh and side note we also went to urgent care real quick, but not important)

This week we had some really solid lessons with people. They were few but the lessons we did have were really strong. We passed by Maria's house many times but we're only able to have one lesson with her. This lesson was super interesting. The last time we had invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith so that she can gain a testimony of her own. She didn't do it and doesn't really understand what we try and teach her. Her mental problems kind of prevent her from remembering and comprehending basic concepts. We're gonna take it slower and review everything multiple times. She did come to church yesterday though, so that's good. We're working some other families but I'll report back when we have more progress with them.

OH ALSO yesterday was Elder Brock's birthday and of course we had to give him a little something! The zone leaders made that kitty litter cake (from the recipe mom gave me) because he loves cats! We showed up at the church last night at like 8:15ish to send in numbers and most the zone was there! He was most definitely surprised! The ZL's (who live with us) and I gave him a soccer ball too, because he's a soccer fanatic! Gotta love our greenie! Hahah

I don't think I have anything else to say, but I'll just end this week with this. Thank you. Thank you for your prayers. I can feel the power of your prayers, in my behalf or in behalf of missionaries. Thank you for the support and strength you give me through emails and letter. Thank you for laughing with me when it's fun and crying with me when it's hard. I can feel an abundance of support from you and all I can say is simply, thank you. I love, care, and pray for you by name (REPEATEDLY). Have a fantastic week. Stay safe. ✌🏿️🌴

Con Amor
Elder Alexander Scott Joyner

Ps. It's a lot of fun being in the Bay Area while the Warriors are playing ;)

"Our Zone Vision for This Transfer"

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