Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PUES [THEN] (Dec 14, 2015)

My Christmas Tree
December is flying by holy cow. There's only three weeks left in this transfer! I can't believe it. This has been another longish week. Most
of our planned lessons fell through so that was kinda of sad I suppose. The Hermana's had a baptism of someone that we helped them co-teach so that was fun. I sang at that baptism which was a good time. I can't think of much else that happened.

Dayners, I got our zone and the North Santa Rosa zone to pray for Tyler when I heard about his surgery. Is he doing any better? Have you gotten any other updates?! We're definitely have some fierce prayers coming his way!

I'm excited to talk with y'all next week! So yes since Elise is gonna try and be on around 4:30, I will try and be on around 5 (your time). I'm going to look for a member to let me use their computer too. That may be the hard part though. We shall see! I also get a call before I get on to tell you I'm ready and such! Tis good fun.

We've been having success sharing the Christmas video this year! Lots of people are very open to just watching a quick to minute video. It's good fun sharing a message that is universal and touches all! Weeeeee. I encourage you all to watch it and ponder it. Speaking of pondering.......

Mediticemos! (Let's Ponderize!)

10 And we did observe to keep the judgments, and the statutes, and the commandments of the Lord in all things, according to the law of Moses.

11 And the Lord was with us; and we did prosper exceedingly; for we did sow seed, and we did reap again in abundance. And we began to raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind.

This one is plain, simple, and to the point. No beating around the bush. No wishy washy debatable topic. Obey the commandments, and you'll be blessed. It's that simple. Wow. Who'd-a-thought?! Nephi and his people obeyed the commandments and was blessed with flocks, and heards, and animals of every kind. By obeying the commandments, we're just allowing God the chance to bless us. I feel like sometimes we feel it's super hard to receive those blessings from our Father in Heaven, when in all reality all we have to do is obey his commandments. He couldn't have made it any simpler. Any excuse we have for not obeying them is invalid. Like Dwight Schrute would say, "False." I invite us (yes including me) to reflect upon ourselves and see what we can improve upon, because there is always room for improvement. God may be waiting to give us some of those blessings because there may be something we're doing/not doing. He's so ready to bless us, so let's let him ya? Ok cool.

Have a fantastical merry week and I shall talk to you next week! I love you!

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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