Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Alex & Elise Skype

FELIZ Navidad. Well the highlight of my week was definitely talking with FAM. Wow it was so good to talk and laugh and have a good time. And WITH ELISE TOO. That was pretty sick! It didn't really make me homesick, but more that I just wanted y'all to be out here experiencing it with me. So I don't have much to add from when we talked but I'll update those who I didn't talk to.

Elder Joyner & Elder Castro

So on Christmas Eve, we did loads of stuffs. We did like a flash mob type of deal at the mall and sang Christmas carols for people. That was fun! Then since Hispanics celebrate Christmas Eve, instead of Christmas Day, we had like three dinners Christmas Eve! It was so nice. Christmas Day we woke up and opened presents and then went to visit some people. We Skyped around 2ish and talked for a lil bit. After Skype, we were supposed to have dinner with a member but they canceled on us. Somehow Sis Wright found out about this and said that no one should not have dinner on Christmas, so we went and had dinner at President's house. That was super fun! We then finished the night out with a zone activity at the church. It didn't really feel like Christmas to be honest, but it was fun nonetheless.

We found out something interesting about transfers next week. So it has been announced by an Apostle that they don't want missions to have transfer devotional anymore. so normally we would have a transfer devotional at the mission office and then disperse to our areas from there. What's going to happen now is that we'll find out if we're being transferred and to where on Saturday and then next week were just going directly there by means of traveling with our zone leaders or by public transportation. So depending on where I'm going, i could go by public transportation. Haha that'll be weird.

But yes that's really all I have for this week because I forgot to send out an ponderized scripture. So for this week lets do Alma 34:41.

Whoop whoop! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year this week! 

Here's a little new year's uplifting message for this week!:

Have a good week!

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

With Zone at Bodega Bay Chapel

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