Monday, June 19, 2017

"It's time to begin, isn't it?" (May 29, 2017)

Hey y'all. Happy Monday! It's been a busy good week over in Petaluma. So transfers are tomorrow and I'll be staying but Elder Angulo will be going to Kelseyville with Elder Crowley! My new companion is Elder Pederson. He came out the same time Elder Brock (my greenie) did, last May. I've met him only a couple times, but he seems like a good guy. Also, He and I will be serving as Co-District Leaders here in Petaluma. They kicked one set of English missionaries out of Petaluma (whereas there was two) and they are moving us to their apartment, which is way nicer than the one we have, so I'm okay with that :) This next transfer I plan on working the hardest I ever have in my mission, seeing as it's my last full transfer in the mission. Time is a very precious, sacred gift. I'm so very grateful for the time I've had to serve the Lord for these two years It's changed my life. 

So update on our contacts, as of today we have 996 contacts which means 4 more to a thousand! We will get those four tonight and complete our goal! It's been pretty amazing to see the change in myself and help the area out as we've strived for this goal. It definitely stretched us this transfer like none other. We really pushed ourselves this week and even had days where we got something like 80 contacts during the day! It's amazing to say we were able to complete such a goal. We'll see what next transfer has in store for us. 

We are real concerned about Adalberta. We haven't been able to meet with her for a long time. We don't want to drop her because we know how solid she is, but eventually we may have to. We met with several new investigators this week that said they didn't want to continue with us because they were already part of their church. When we asked them why they were, they said because of their parents and their family chose that. It makes sense to honor your families' decision, but eventually they will have to come to know for themselves what they believe or not. We, as missionaries, are just here to give them that opportunity to act or not. Something that was taught recently in MLC was that in all things we can either Act or be Acted upon. Eventually they will need to ACT. No time better than now. 

So Mom, I did talk to president today actually about my release date and he says he totally understands why the 1st and not the 7th. He says he will think on it and will decide after all the hustle and bustle of transfer week this week. So I'll let ya know!

I'm super grateful for all you do for me. Have a super fantastic week! Love y'all lots!

Con Amor,
Elder Joyner

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