Saturday, April 15, 2017

That's just how it goes! (April 10, 2017)

Elder Joyner & Elder Hall
Hey yo! How y'all doing?? This week was super good! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and stuff! Y'all really made it a special day. Also thanks for the video that you made! That really pulled at my heart strings! It was a long one too and I appreciate all of it. So thank you. 💚 So Wednesday to Thursday, we had exchanges and I was with Elder Hall. He was trained by Elder Crowley when we were in Santa Rosa and when I was training Elder Sidwell, where we lived in the mission mansion lols. We had an awesome exchange reminiscing from the Santa Rosa days. After we exchanged back Thursday, my compa treated me to lunch and then we went out to work. We had dinner and the member somehow knew about my birthday and got a cake ahhh. Then we had correlation and we played soccer with the Branch, where we got some investigators to come. All in all it was an awesome day!

There wasn't too much else that happened this week. We were able to find something like five new investigators, whom with we have return appointments this week. We are working with several other investigators but we weren't able to see too many of them this week for one reason or another. We are working with the Vazquez family. I'm not sure if I've talked about them before. So Luis and Laura are the parents and Neri and Angeles are the kids. The kids got baptized about three months ago! We are working with their parents now and Luis is looking pretty close. He comes to church, participates in elders quorum activities, and is really solid. He should be setting a baptismal date pretty soon. So that's exciting. Well let ya know about the others as they progress a little more. 

That's about all I got for this week! This is the last week of the transfer. It does not feel like it at all! Time just won't stop! 

Thanks for everything y'all do! I love you so much!

Con Amor, 
Elder Joyner

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