Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April? No, quit playin... (April 3, 2017)

Hey fam! We just got back from the beach, which is why I'm writing so late. We went to rodeo beach at the very south end of our mission. You have to drive by the Golden Gate Bridge to go there. It was fun!!! 

Ok ill make this one short, since i don't have as much time as usual. This was kind of a weird week. We went on two exchanges and I went out of the area both times. I went with Elder Julander, who we live with, on Tuesday and stayed in Petaluma English. Wednesday, I went with Elder Sorenson in Novato. I've served around him for something like 5-6 transfers of my mission, so it was good to catch up and talk about our missions and such. He goes home next transfer so we talked about just past experiences and such. Good times! Exchanges are just the funnest, ya?

I absolutely loved General Conference!! Like wow. I have so many thoughts, that i wish i could share them all with you. I was particularly impressed with Elder Clayton's talk on the plan of salvation. That hit me good. Everything is centered Jesus Christ and the plan they created for us. How amazing, no? I really felt I needed to increase my studies on that. I'm so grateful that we have modern day prophets and apostles that speak to us and give us light. What a blessing!!!

The baptism, yesterday, went super well! Carlos said he felt ready to make changes in his life and this was going to help him. We love him and are excited for him!!

This week we are busy busy busy! We have another exchange and just lots going on. Then next week is the last week of the transfer. Time just won't stop. At the end of conference yesterday, I got kind of emotional because i realized that it was my last time watching conference as missionary. Ouch. The feels came a rollin' in. I only have four short months left. AHHHHH. Now, more than ever, i have to keep giving it everything I've got!!! Thanks for all the love and support! I do appreciate it fully. Have a splendid week, y'all.

Con Amor, 
Elder Joyner

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