Monday, January 23, 2017

Change is a comin! (January 23, 2017)

Hey hey!

It's good to hear from some of y'all! I'm jealous of your trip to Utah this week, mom, dad and Cole! Sounds like fun! This week we have coming up is a busy one! So tomorrow is transfers and Elder Perez and I are staying together one more. He leaves at the end of this transfer too which means we're gonna work especially hard :) The zone is getting switched around with almost one companionship leaving in each, so that means we should get some new faces and hopefully some new fire in the zone! Should be good. So we have transfers tomorrow, a worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday, MLC in Santa Rosa on Thursday, zone Meeting on Saturday, and we get to speak in the english Ward on Sunday! Needless to say we're a little busy haha. 

This past week was pretty good. We went on exchanges with the Lakeport Elders and Elder Hardin came to Ukiah with me. We had some good fun and we're able to have a pretty effective exchange. He's a cool guy and I'm excited for what's in store for him! A good bit of the rest of the week I was recovering from a little from sickness. We were able to see some less actives though and it ended up pretty good. Thursday, we drove up to Fort Bragg and then we went to Cloverdale to do some work. There's this really cool cookie place in Fort Bragg called the Mendocino Cookie Co. It's BOMB. 

I've been studying a lot in the Book of Mormon and it's amazing the blessings it brings. It's soo cool just the wonderful spirit you get when you read it. I have a sure testimony and knowledge of that book. One who reads it and really ponders its message cannot deny that it is from God. I invite you to read/re-read it to receive a firm witness of the validity of its message. 

I don't have too much more for this week. Hope all have a super week! Keep rockin and rollin! I can't believe it's almost February too. Wat. Haha love y'all!

Con Amor, 

Elder Joyner

Elder Hunter, Elder Hardin, & Elder Joyner

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