Tuesday, December 27, 2016

UkiahChristmasYayayayaya (December 19, 2016)

HEY Familia! Wow it's super good to hear from you! Glad Elise got home safe and sound. It's weird having everyone home except me haha. But I'll talk to ya soon enough :) it's been a quick week. Lemme give you the run down. 

So Tuesday we got back to Ukiah and got unpacked and got groceries and then got into to planning for ZL stuff. We had dinner and went on splits with the Spanish group leader that night, Bro. Henrie. Wednesday was a good full day of work and then we headed down to stay the night in Santa Rosa for MLC the next day. It was funny because I stayed with the tech elders in my old apartment haha. MLC WAS SUPER BIEN! It was nice being able to just sit back and take it all in and not worry about the logistics and tech part (although I do miss it.) Thursday night we were gonna go back to Ukiah but there was a flood warning and so we had to stay one more night in rosa. It was so good :) Saturday was Zone meeting with the stuff we learned at MLC. I was able to teach on the spirit and how we can have it more as missionaries. Super bien! Ok back up back up one more thing. Tuesday night I got a call from the Hermanas in Santa Rosa saying their investigator, Josue who was getting baptized on Saturday, wanted me to baptize him! WHAT. That's never happened to me before. I had met him at church and went to priesthood with him and such. I was so honored! So after zone Meeting on Saturday, we headed down to Santa Rosa again for the baptism. It was awesome! That was definitely a tender mercy this week. 

A couple miracles from this week. We set 3 baptismal dates this week! That's such a miracle for me. I've never set that many (I don't think?) The first one was on our first day together. We had been finding up in Willits earlier that day and hadn't had too much luck so we decided to go down to see an investigator (German) in Ukiah that hadn't been seen for a while. German wasn't home so we just decided to knock the surrounding doors of his little apartment complex. We knocked probably about 10 and set one or two return appointments until we came upon the second to last door. We knocked and he opened it pretty quickly. This is Jesus Mendoza. He is around our age. He opened it pretty quickly and let us in. We could tell he's been through a lot recently and wanted to change his life around. After sharing the initiative and a brief restoration, we invited him to be baptized and he said YES. We testified to him and set a date for the 21sf of January! It was so cool. Ok ok next miracle. Get this, one of the return appointments we set before meeting Jesus turned out to be our other two baptismal dates! We set a return appointment for Sunday. Their names are Maria and Carlos. They had just barely had a new born bebe. We went and showed the initiative video and then after the husband was like, "so in your church, what does one have to do to get baptized? My wife has never been baptized and I don't really go to church so like what do we have to do?" Elder Perez and I just kinda sat there in amazement until one of us was able to answer haha. We also set a date with them for the 21st of January! It was incredible.  Same date. One apartment apart from each other. If that's not the lords hand working in our lives, I don't know what is! The Lord has been merciful upon us this week and I am forever grateful for it. 

It's been such a good week up here. I'm adjusting but loving it. Thank you for all your support and love. Talk real soon :)

Con Amor

Elder Joyner

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