Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Sure, Let's Try a Trio" (July 10, 2017)

Hello hello! Happy July 11th y'all! It's good to hear from ya this Monday. It's the end of the transfer and I'll be staying in petaluma for my last three weeks. We will be a trio though, the first (and last) one of my mission. And guess who's gonna be our new companion, ELDER HALL! So he was being trained by Elder Crowley the same time I was training Elder Sidwell last November. So we lived together and served in the same Ward and he's one of my really good buddies. We also went on an exchange on my birthday when he was serving in this zone a couple months ago. I was so pumped when I found that out! Such a legend. Should be a good time. 

This week was super bueno. Lets see what happened. Oh, ok so Fourth of July was good. It was a pretty normal day for us. We had district meeting that morning and Elder Pederson thought it would be a good idea to set up a giant flag and such. We also sang the star spangled banner and recited the pledge of allegiance. Classic! The rest of the day we didn't have any set appointments, because everyone was off doing stuff so we spent a good chunk of finding. It turned out that no one in our district had dinner appointments on the 4th so we decided to all go get food and meet at the church. So we had our own little family (district) dinner. It was a good one! 

We were able to meet with Brian several times this week, one actually being on the Fourth of July. We were able to talk about prophets and I kid you not he actually said, "Ya that makes sense that God would have a prophet today. Why would he stop talking to us?" Elder Pederson and I just looked each other like uhh yahhhh! We also saw him briefly on Friday and then Saturday we watched the restoration movie with him. He said he really like it but expressed to us how he doesn't see a need for organized religion. He says he's more of a believer and doesn't see the need for such organized religion. So we are planning on helping him with that! 

We completed our goal of 500 contacts and got 530 to finish off the transfer. We ended up with 26 new investigators in total. It truly was a transfer to remember. Now it's time to finish it out! 

President is letting me go to the departing dinner tonight with all the missionaries that are leaving. It will be very sad but very very exciting! I'll let you know how it goes. 

I love y'all and hope ya have a good week at Nauvoo!

Con Amor, 
Elder Joyner

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